Review: Doctor Who: Big Finish Audio: Gallifrey VI: 3: Ascension

6.3 Ascension coverRomana’s sacrifice sees her arrive on yet another version of Gallifrey – but can she, Narvin, or Leela trust their senses?

And so one story ends as another begins – Justin Richards’ script for this finale of the Gallifrey series ties together the elements left hanging from both Scott Handcock and James Goss’s scripts. (It’s the end for the moment: there are more than enough threads left that could be used to create further adventures.)

You need to listen carefully: Richards provides all the clues as to what’s going on, building on hints in Goss’s predecessor, but lose your concentration for a moment, and you may miss a vital hint. Lalla Ward, Louise Jameson, Sean Carlsen and Juliet Landau are all given plenty to do, and there’s a welcome return for a number of voices from the past of the series (including John Leeson). Like Goss, Richards also looks to an old episode of the classic series for some of the dialogue, but in this case it’s even more pertinent.

The series ends exactly as it should, particularly given the heavy hints that have been dropped about the contents of The Name of the Doctor. Like any ongoing series, it’s had the occasional dip, but Gallifrey is one of Big Finish’s longest running spin-off series (it predates The Companion Chronicles by some way), and can justly be regarded as one of their triumphs.

Verdict: A fitting end to an enjoyable series. 8/10

Paul Simpson

Gallifrey VI coverClick here to order Gallifrey VI from Big Finish.

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