Review: Primeval Series 2 Ep 6

A mammoth causes havoc on the M25, but that’s only the start of Cutter’s problems…

Primeval‘s first two part story kicks off, quite literally, with a rampaging mammoth appearing near the Guildford turn-off of the M25. Lester may think that that’s his worst nightmare, but there’s worse to come for him as the episode progresses.

It’s unusual for Primeval to show its hand so early in the episode but the mammoth sensibly gets a lot of screen time up front before the various conspiracies and machinations all come to a head. In the best traditions of such thrillers, there are red herrings, run-arounds and ultimate revelations that shock the characters but not the viewers, who have been clued in as the series has progressed.

The Stephen / Cutter / Helen triangle also moves forward, and the confrontation between the two men, both on the motorway and back at the ARC, is well played.

The episode, though, belongs to Ben Miller who finally gets a chance to do more than deliver some snarky comments. Lester didn’t disagree with Cutter’s original description of him, way back in the first episode, as a government troubleshooter, and this episode shows that he’s more than just a pen-pusher.

Verdict: With even more surprises promised for the final episode, Primeval is on top form.  8/10

Paul Simpson


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