Star Trek: Review: Vanguard 5: Precipice

by David Mack

Pocket Books, out now 

Events are coming to a head in the Taurus Reach as an ancient Shedai conduit is found…

After Open Secrets, Precipice marks another change of pace for the Vanguard saga, as co-creator David Mack wraps up a number of plotlines from the opening novels, while leaving the story in a place that promises some intriguing confrontations in future books.

Precipice is told on a very broad canvas, with Mack assuredly moving the various characters forward in their storylines. Disgraced reporter Tim Pennington is teamed with T’Prynn, the Vulcan cause of his disgrace, while his former partner, smuggler Cervantes Quinn, shows a particular talent for intelligence operations. Meanwhile Chancellor-to-be Gorkon is trying to manipulate the galactic stage, with a plan that will be familiar to those who choose to remember Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

This is one of the best of the Vanguard series yet – high praise, given that each novel has been among the best produced by Pocket in the past decade. Fans of the original Star Trek series who haven’t yet started this series are highly encouraged to jump in now! 8/10

Paul Simpson


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