Game of Thrones: Review: In Memoriam

GoT MemoriamHBO, out now

A collection of pictures celebrating those who have passed on in the Game of Thrones series…

…and in some cases, passed on again and again! Inspired no doubt by the video compiled after the end of season 3 which memorialised those who had died, this small book is the sort of thing you’d normally see pushed around Christmas-time as a useful “stocking-filler” for the Game of Thrones fan in your family. Despite some nice images – and a few clever ideas in the text – it’s as ephemeral as many of those books: anyone want to lay odds on someone dying in the first couple of episodes of the fifth season? Or indeed, bearing in mind some interesting omissions in the contents, some “surprising” resurrections?

As a snapshot of the state of play as we go into the new season, it’s a handy guide, listed in roughly chronological order, and in places shows where TV series and the books they’re based on have differed in outlook or result. If you’re a newcomer to the show, avoid – the various unexpected deaths are one of the “pleasures” of Game of Thrones; if you’re an old hand, then this may be a useful thing to have to hand when past characters are mentioned…

Verdict: A nicely put together collection, but the sort of thing that the web does better. 7/10

Paul Simpson

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