Review: Doctor Who: Books: Wit, Wisdom & Timey-Wimey Stuff

wit_wisdom_and_timey_wimey_stuff-618x1024By Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

BBC Books, out May 22

A compendium of the most quotable lines from 50 and a bit years of Doctor Who

Every Doctor Who fan – whether they came to the show in 1963 or a few weeks ago – has their favourite quote from the series, whether it’s a line said by the Doctor himself or one of the other characters in the show. Chances are, you’ll find it in this pretty exhaustive trawl through every episode from An Unearthly Child to The Time of the Doctor (yes, Matt’s last words and Peter Capaldi’s first are included – Matt’s coming in the most appropriate spot). For the record, mine – Andrew Cartmel’s add-on to the ending of Survival – is present and correct.

The sort of person who loves to quiz their friends on their Who knowledge will find this a godsend – all the important information is given (and we have an ‘official’ title for the Children in Need pre-Christmas Invasion special) – and if you’re looking for an apposite quote for a book epigram then the index will be very useful. As with Who-ology, the book is enlivened with illustrations by Ben Morris including some nice spreads.

On a more serious note, it’s very interesting to see which topics feature more quotes from the classic series, and less from the 21st century incarnation – and vice versa – and how many of the former are dialogue between two people rather than a witty line said by one person. There’s also a few juxtapositions of material from old and new shows which indicate just how different they are.

Verdict: A celebration of Doctor Who’s very varied writing over the years. 9/10

Paul Simpson

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