Review: Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods

Percy JacksonRick Riordan

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The tales of the Gods as you’ve never heard them before!

Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods is a collection of all the Greek myths and legends told from Percy Jackson’s point of view. For those who don’t know, Percy (short for Perseus) Jackson is a fictional demigod (his father is Poseidon and his mother is Sally Jackson), the protagonist from the book and film series The Camp Half-Blood Chronicles. In the Chronicles, he has met many of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, and doesn’t have a very high opinion of them.

The stories themselves are fascinating if you’re interested in history and Percy’s opinions on the characters means there is no shortage of funny and sarcastic remarks. However since all the Greek Gods and Titans are related by marriage and by blood it’s difficult to remember who’s who. Trying to understand their family tree will give you a headache – or you’ll end up doing as I did, and make your own family tree!

Verdict: Percy’s opinionated retellings of the ancient myths are very amusing. 8/10

Sophie Simpson
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