Review: Doctor Who: Books: The Official Annual 2016

AnnualBy Paul Lang

Puffin, out now

Fun facts and adventures with the 12th Doctor, Clara, Missy and Kate Stewart…

After last year’s mix of 11th and 12th Doctor stories, there’s a definite concentration on the latest incarnation in this book – although all 12 of his predecessors make at least one appearance, with a quiz on quotes from each Doctor, as well as other games involving earlier versions. There’s quite a bit written in the voices of the various characters – the spread penned by Missy is terrific – and plenty of quotations of lines from the series.

The cut-off point for “spoilers” is the end of The Witch’s Familiar – there are various references to the opening Series 9 two-parter, including a photo of the young Davros in the hand-minefield – and there’s lots of material about last season’s stories, with DK-esque illustrations of the various creatures. Two comic strips feature the TARDIS team, and there’s a short prose story for Vastra, Strax and Jenny, as well as the usual games, draw-your-own creatures and Easter eggs scattered throughout.

Verdict: As a book for a young fan on Christmas Day, I think it will be hard to beat. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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