Review: Pilgrim: Series 1 Episode 2: Then Fancies Flee Away

Pilgrim 12Pilgrim comes to the aid of a mother whose son has been in a strange coma for years.

The second episode of this unusual fantasy series doesn’t have the wide scope of the opener, but it’s none the less powerful for being a far more personal tale. Much of it could almost be an ordinary domestic drama, with a soldier returned from Iraq, a love triangle and something happening that leaves one of the participants in a coma – but then you add in the mystery of the Round Barrow of Willy Howe. What harm can have been done in reorganising the bushes in a graveyard after all?

Sebastian Baczkiewicz very sensibly doesn’t throw the listener into the fantasy world at the start – you come to understand what is going on through Pilgrim’s reactions and questions. He’s like a centuries-old Columbo, gnawing at the stories of the people involved to sort out the inconsistencies. He knows from the evidence before him that there is a supernatural element and he has to find out who and what – and, as may be a running theme, whether he has a personal grievance with the supernatural entity at the heart of the tale.

Verdict: Another tale that draws you in to accept its otherworldly elements without question. 7/10

Paul Simpson

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