Lost Girl: Review: Series 2 Episode 2

Bo comes to the aid of Sabine, the target of a wild hunt to choose the new Ash…

Fae politics are obviously going to dominate the second series of this show more than they did in the first, as Bo and Kenzi become unwittingly embroiled in various manoeuvres by members of the Fae Ruling Council. There are some nicely done scenes with Hale stepping up to campaign to become the new Ash as a ruse to assist Sabine, and there’s a nice flirtation between him and Kenzi coming to the fore.

That’s in contrast with the other big relationship, Bo and Dyson, which seems to have hit a complete brick wall. As Dyson reminds Bo, wolves mate for life and when his feelings for her were ripped from him, that’s completely the end as far as he is concerned. No matter what she tries, she can’t get through to him, and it does seem as if Bo will need to find a new healing partner, let alone anything else.

Trick’s position is also coming under scrutiny: we know from the first year that he’s actually far more powerful than he lets on, and now he’s starting to use that authority at key times. Rick Howland has made the character far more than the slightly sinister barkeep that he began as, and it’s good to see that he’s rewarded with more  development.

Verdict: Hopefully this marks the end of the repercussions of the series one finale, and things can now move forward… 

“I Fought the Fae and the Fae Won” 7/10

Paul Simpson


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