The Librarians: Review: Series 1 Episode 6

librarians 1.6…and the Fables of Doom

Fairy tales coming true isn’t necessarily as good as it sounds…

In what is probably the most overtly comic episode of the series yet, the Librarians head to the town of Bremen where they discover that pretty much anything is possible. The script may be a little clichéd in places – everything being connected to a sick child is perhaps taking things a bit too far – but it does provide John Kim with yet another opportunity to show the growth in Ezekiel Jones, even if the character doesn’t want to admit to it.

The horrific elements of the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales are not overlooked – to the extent that Syfy in the UK cut one effects shot of the axe embedded in the wolf’s head – but I suspect this episode will be best remembered for the sight of Rebecca Romijn as a fairy princess Eve suddenly turned into a ninja! It’s always good to see Renee over Chinois in a genre show, and he gets a chance to show some steel in the episode. Even Jenkins leaves the Annexe for a few minutes!

I do wonder how American audiences reacted to the idea of Prince Charming being played by a girl – of course to British audiences this is pantomime season, and something that we are very familiar with. Lindy Booth is certainly being given plenty of chances to showcase different sides to Cassandra, and I hope that Christian Kane will get as much opportunity in the remaining four episodes

We are two thirds of the way through the season now and it really does feel as if the producers are barely scratching the surface of the potential of the show. I certainly hope that TNT seriously consider giving it a quick renewal

Verdict: And they all lived happily ever after…? 7/10

Paul Simpson


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