Fringe: Review: Season 5 Ep 4

Fox, 26 October 2012

As part of Walter’s anti-Observer plan, the Fringe team must recover a hidden package from an Observer stronghold.

Long gone are the days when Fringe was the most exciting TV show of the week. The item quest approach (whether videotapes or mysterious packages) is dull, and the fight against the evil overlords arc story is not what Fringe started out as. Even the attempt to re-introduce fringe science through the reveal of a previously hidden underground lab where Walter has stored lots of material relating to old Fringe cases is hokey.

Fringe has seriously lost its mojo in this final season, and the dramatic gambit of killing off Etta (Olivia and Peter’s daughter) falls as flat as everything else. Re-introducing Broyles (Lance Reddick), as an embedded rebel agent within the Observer’s structure is probably the best thing about this rather dull episode, and even that is not so great.

Verdict: Not the Fringe we used to know…

Episode 4 ‘The Bullet That Saved the World’: 6/10

Brian J. Robb


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