Eureka: Review: Season 4 Eps 11-12

11 & 18 July 2011, Syfy US

Zane and Fargo get lost in space while back at Eureka, music maketh the man (do bad things).

Eureka has always been a light, fun show, but the opening two episodes of the second half of the fourth season have lifted things to a new level. ‘Liftoff’ sees an experimental rocket accidentally launched into space with a pair of unwilling passengers in Zane and Fargo. Great special effects really help to sell this story. Naturally, the mismatched pair have to work together to get back to Earth, but fearing they might not survive, Fargo clues Zane in on the gang’s alternative timeline exploits, highlighting Zane’s strange relationship to Jo Lupo.

That’s picked up directly in ‘Reprise’. It’s immediately apparent that music is being foregrounded in this episode, but the back story of what is causing people to act out song lyrics is so well woven into the drama that it makes the pay off both supremely suitable and dramatically satisfactory. Geek girl of the moment Felicia Day guest stars. The B-plot which sees Allison come to the aid of a car crash victim seems to be going nowhere, until a final scene dramatic reveal bodes well for future episodes.

Verdict: Great opening salvo to Eureka’s on-going fourth season.

Episode 11 ‘Liftoff’: 7/10

Episode 12 ‘Reprise’: 7/10

Brian J. Robb


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