Thunderbirds are Go: Review: Series 1 Episode 18: Recharge

Back to back missions mean Scott and Virgil are tired even before their mission to the Arctic begins…

For the first time in a long time we get a discussion about Jeff Tracy’s disappearance/death… and from the chat between Scott and Virgil as they wait for an ice storm to pass, it seems as if Scott holds himself responsible for what happened to his father, and that’s why he pushes his brothers so hard. It’s not a character trait that’s been particularly noticeable, but as long as this is built on, and not just there for this episode, then it adds another layer to the backstory, alongside Kayo’s relationship with the Hood.

As with a lot of this second half to the season, there’s much more of an ensemble feel to the show: the joke race between the brothers as to who’s getting back first from whatever mission it was that required both Thunderbirds 3 and 4 was highly reminiscent of the original series (and it was great to see the ships returning to Tracy Island). I also liked the idea that Alan and Gordon would simply step up to take TBs 1 and 2 out on the next mission – and Brains’ admonition to Scott and Virgil about the true nature of Max!

Verdict: More of a character-driven episode than we usually get, this was a good demonstration of the series’ strengths. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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