Review: Age of Satan

age-of-satan-cover-a_6CB77DBy James Lovegrove

Solaris ebook, out 14 February

It’s payback time – and the Prince of Darkness would seem to be an ideal ally…

James Lovegrove’s second ebook-only ‘Age of’ tale (it will be appearing in a print edition later in the year) has all the hallmarks of a Roald Dahl Tale of the Unexpected. There are numerous twists and misdirections, and the final reveal – which you really don’t want spoiled in order to enjoy just how delicious a turn of events it is – will have you wondering how close to the wind the author is willing to sail.

Lovegrove doesn’t seem to have a lot of love for the British public school system (an attitude with which I can fully sympathise), and he captures its hothouse atmosphere. All of the other settings are equally well portrayed, which gives more verisimilitude to a story that needs you to take it seriously.

That’s because beneath the enjoyable plot, there are some serious points being made. Other belief systems that Lovegrove has used for this series are clearly delineated – we know who the Aztec gods or the Greek pantheon are – but is Satan linked to Christianity? Is Satan an anti-Christian God? Or a fallen angel? Or simply the manifestation of all that is evil/immoral within mankind? Lovegrove’s suggested answer will certainly make you think about the world we live in.

Verdict: An enjoyable tale with some serious underpinnings. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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