Review: Hammer Chillers 1.6: Don’t Go There

dontA father desperate for answers about his catatonic son is willing to risk anything at all to get to the truth…

This first season of Hammer Chillers comes to a close with Stephen Volk’s tale of tragedy and revenge on a Greek holiday island. There are echoes of other Hammer mythologically based tales as the more John Daulby learns about what his son was involved in, the more horrific it appears – and confrontations only seem to make things worse.

This is the longest of the audios, but Volk uses the time to keep the tension increasing steadily. John Daulby is completely out of his depth in a world of 18-30 clubbers, but that won’t stop him, and nor will he allow anyone or anything else to. Tony Gardner captures the single-mindedness of the obsessed father as he grapples with his own conflicting feelings towards Daphne Alexander’s Stheno.

One element that these audios have steered clear of is graphic sexual content, but Don’t Go There relies in part on sexual behaviour, so it would be wrong for there not to be some within this. The imagery that Volk invokes (particularly the scene in a hospital room) is as horrifying as the confrontations between Daulby and Stheno.

Those with long memories will recall Michael J. Bird’s TV series of the 1970s and 1980s such as The Aphrodite Inheritance and Who Pays the Ferryman? In Don’t Go There, Volk has provided an updated horror take on the same sort of material, giving a strong ending to the season. Let’s hope for a second batch soon.

Verdict: A Greek tragedy that grips from the start. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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