Terrahawks: Review: Season 1 Blu-Ray

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As I mentioned in my review of the new Big Finish Terrahawks audios last year, when Gerry Anderson’s latest series came out in 1983, I felt that it didn’t live up to the glory days of Supermarionation – and for all the glory of this new edition, if you’re expecting something on the lines of Thunderbirds or Captain Scarlet, then you may be a little disappointed. Set that aside, though, and judge Terrahawks on its own merits, and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised – it’s incredibly camp, it shifts tone almost at random, but it’s still fun to watch, as Tiger Ninestein and his team battle the evil Zelda.

Network have done the series proud: 11 of the 13 episodes on the set are sourced from the film masters (the other two don’t exist any more); the sound has been cleaned up; and they’ve put together a good package of extras. There are new interviews with a number of key personnel – including composer Richard Harvey – as well as effects trims, a music video, image gallery and script/annual PDFS, and the first episode of the revived audios (which may confuse a few coming to the series fresh, as it follows on from all the broadcast episodes, rather than just this season). Particular praise for including the VHS version of Expect the Unexpected (the two part opener) which includes extra scenes that weren’t in the broadcast version!

Verdict: Entertaining, if lighter weight, Anderson fare. 7/10

Paul Simpson

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