Journeyman: Review: Season 1 DVD

Journeyman-DVDFremantle Entertainment, out now

Dan Vassar isn’t totally happy to find himself jumping around in time…

And if that makes you think that this 2007 series, starring Kevin McKidd, is a 21st century knock-off of Quantum Leap, you wouldn’t be totally wrong – but it’s actually rather better than just an attempt to recapture lightning in a bottle.

Unlike the Scott Bakula show, Vassar has a family who are affected by his time travelling shenanigans (although they put his disappearances down to rather more everyday problems) and creator Kevin Falls ensures that we understand the ramifications of some of the choices that Vassar is forced to face week by week.

The show improves steadily through the season – or rather the 13 episodes that were made – and an interesting documentary special feature looks at what might have happened in “the back nine” episodes (although perhaps it’s a good thing we were spared some of the ideas that were being discussed).

For a show that only lasted half a season, a great deal of care has been given to the box set – there’s a proper documentary about its creation, as well as a commentary on the pilot episode.

Verdict: An interesting oddity that may well pull you in.  7/10

Paul Simpson

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