In the Flesh: Review: Series 1 Episode 2

MacyThe village is divided when Rick comes home – and a new friend opens Kieren’s eyes…

Dominic Mitchell’s unusual zombie saga continues its emphasis on characterisation over gore in this middle part, with Steve Evets’ Bill Macy caught in the middle when everything that he has believed about “rotters” has to be turned on its head with the arrival back in the village of his son. These scenes are neatly counterpointed with Kieren’s time with Amy, who has a very healthy attitude to her new status, with some philosophical insights dropped in against the background of a funfair ride!

The relationship between Kieren and Jem falls slightly into the background this week, which is a shame, as that was one of the real strengths of the opener. Kieren and Rick clearly have a past which seems to be ambiguously close; Kieren certainly seems to have reacted like a spurned lover when Rick went off to war.

Everything builds up to another climax featuring the fate of discovered zombies, although things are rather less black and white for Bill Macy than they were a few days earlier. Although this gives a pleasing symmetry to the episodes, it’ll be a little too obvious if we reach the end of the third part, and it’s Macy who’s standing in the way of Vicar Oddie.

Verdict: In the Flesh continues to engage without resorting to horror clichés. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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