Review: Primeval Series 1 Ep 3

Original airdate: February 24, 2007

A prehistoric crocodile is loose, and the mystery surrounding Helen Cutter’s disappearance mounts…

Yet again, Primeval’s influences are very clear in this episode, but the series continues to hold the viewer’s attention, nevertheless. This time, we revisit Jaws; the underrated Deep Blue Sea; and the underwater sections of Alien: Resurrection as a giant mesosaur finds its way into a Crystal Palace swimming pool and a West London reservoir. Even the music pays homage to John Williams’ relentless bass motif as the super-croc circles its prey!

On the character front, this week sees considerable movement as the Steven/Connor/Abby triangle takes an unexpected turn, and Juliet Aubrey gets the opportunity to make more than a fleeting appearance as Helen Cutter. This by no means explains everything that’s been going on, but Aubrey gives a credible performance, particularly given the prehistoric backdrop. A stand-off between Cutter and Claudia Brown also hints at further entanglements to come.

Verdict: With some tension-stretching ‘behind the sofa’ moments alleviated by basic comedy, Primeval continues to press all the right buttons and succeeds in delivering the goods. 7/10

Paul Simpson


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