Lost Girl: Review: Season 1 Ep 6

Bo and Lauren have to team up to find a cure for a mystery illness that is affecting Kensi.

Another episode where the production team are fiddling with the formula to see what works sees Bo working predominantly with Lauren, while Dyson spends more time with Kensi. There’s some interestingly altered characterisation, as Trick seems positively helpful towards Kensi, a very different attitude from the near contempt that he’s shown for the young human up to now: we know that Trick is playing some form of long game with regard to Bo, so hopefully this volte-face will be explained in that context.

The episode moves the mythology along very slightly, as Bo starts to develop some control over her powers, and it’s genuinely funny to watch her nonplussed reaction when she tries to seduce a gay guard and realises that some things are beyond even her abilities. Lauren isn’t quite the schoolgirl with a crush on the sexy older teacher that she’s been up to now, but she still doesn’t convince as a human who’s being trusted by the Fae – not quite on the lines of Denise Richards not being convincing as a nuclear scientist in the 007 film The World Is Not Enough, but definitely needing more work.

Verdict: Entertaining enough, but nothing special. 

Episode 6: “Food for Thought” 6/10

Paul Simpson


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