Review: Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #5

Words: Chris Roberson

Art: Jeffrey Moy

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Having split into two teams, one group have gone into the distant past to try and establish the point where the timeline was altered while the other stayed to investigate the present. After both teams being captured at the end of the previous issue, the two groups of heroes must find out all they can about the mysterious man who stands at the head of the Imperial Planets.

In this penultimate issue of the cross-over mini-series we finally start to get an idea of both who the Emperor in the alternate reality is, and also how he came to wield so much power. Also included is a surprise reveal on the final page which sheds some light on how things in this reality have become so twisted. Sadly, the ‘reveal’ also relies on a fairly well-used Star Trek trope.

Highlights in this issue include Brainiac 5’s continual snarky comments when Spock says something unnecessary, and Chameleon Boy’s well-placed asides about Kirk’s fondness for women in skimpy outfits. In actual fact this latter aligns quite nicely (and no doubt not coincidentally either) with the recent publicity surrounding the objectification of women in comics. A series of images went around the net that showed notable male superheroes in likely female versions of their costumes. It was hilarious but also very true.

The next issue is the last in the series and reader will finally find out how the Enterprise crew and the Legion of Superheroes team make it back to their respective realities.  5/10

Bernice Watson


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