12 Monkeys: Review: Series 1 Episode 7: The Keys

12 1.7Cole discovers there may be a way to stop the outbreak altogether – and will do whatever it takes to make that happen…

The cause/effect/cause circle that characterises this series is at its height in this episode which could have served as a series finale if plans had been made differently. True, there would have been certain anomalies left standing, but overall the final scene between Cole and Cassie would have made for a strong ending in different circumstances.

The idea that the CIA would use the plague against an Edward Snowden-esque figure is a very 21st century addition to the original screenplay, and works well: Wexler, the “freedom fighter” revealing the secrets, is the sort of person that Cole needs to get information from, and across the episode we learn the rather worrying Death/Time/Rebirth pattern that the 12 Monkeys use.

The episode – and indeed the series to date – builds to the scenes where Cassie talks to Cole as his phone signal calls the missiles to the building to kill him, but then has to see him again after she knows that he’s dead in order to give him the information that sends him to that time and place. We have to assume that he splintered at the right moment and went back to some version of 2043 – or else we’ll be watching a new lead actor from next week! They’re scenes that are well-played by Amanda Schull, Aaron Stanford and Noah Bean.

Verdict: Is this just another dead end? An engrossing episode. 8/10

Paul Simpson



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