Review: Primeval New World Series 1 Ep 2: Sisiutl (spoiler free)

Don’t go in the water, as an anomaly opens near the coastline…

Land and air creatures have come through in British Columbia, so it’s time to see what damage an aquatic one can do. This second episode continues to lay the groundwork for the series, as Dylan Weir is brought to a second anomaly site, only to run into Evan and Mac, who have reached it thanks to their prototype anomaly detector.

Part of the fun of this for long-term Primeval fans is watching how the new team (both on and off screen) deal with the same problems that their British counterparts faced, particularly as the New World team are being scrupulous (so far) about following the rules established in the earlier show. How do you cope with ordinary people finding out? How do you track the anomalies? Can they be closed? With connection to one of these, we see an unlikely alliance start to be formed in this episode, which has the potential to be explosive in all sorts of ways!

The effects work continues to be good: the interaction of the humans and the creatures sells the latter, and we’re getting a lot of close-ups of the textures. The only aspect I’m not sold on so far is the theme music, which seems a little gentle for the nature of the show – but that really is a minor detail in a great continuation.

Verdict: The Jaws references are present but not overwhelming in a solid episode. 7/10

Paul Simpson

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2 thoughts on “Review: Primeval New World Series 1 Ep 2: Sisiutl (spoiler free)

  1. not happy so far the old one was better

    Posted by kenneth snapp | November 8, 2012, 3:50 pm

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