Star Wars: Review: Millennium Falcon Haynes Manual

Everything you could possibly want to know about Han Solo’s amazing ship…

Following on from their guide to Star Trek’s flagship, the Starship Enterprise, last year, Haynes have turned to the other major space franchise for this year’s dissect-and-put-together guide. Over the years there have been assorted incarnations of the Enterprise, but there’s only been one Millennium Falcon, so before we get to the Falcon herself, we learn the history of other Corellian freighters in the YT series and see all their configurations – all a little dry.

The book changes up a gear once we reach the Falcon, with large parts of her history brought together, incorporating information from many different approved sources stretching right back to Brian Daley’s original Han Solo Trilogy from the 1980s. The authors note that they’ve not spoiled the revelations in James Luceno’s novel Millennium Falcon which is a mixed blessing: it means that the book is therefore incomplete, but it does mean that some of the shocks of that book remain intact.

Every aspect of the ship is discussed, with numerous pictures from the original trilogy included to put them in context (although the reproduction of some of these does suggest they’re DVD screen grabs). There are plenty of new diagrams and illustrations to gladden the techie Star Wars fan’s heart, and the text is suitably matter of fact – except for such things as the alert sent out after the Falcon escapes from Tatooine in A New Hope.

Verdict: Trek fans weren’t overly impressed with the Enterprise Guide, and the lessons from that appear to have been learned here.  7/10

Paul Simpson


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