Review: Doctor Who: Books: The Official Doctor Who Quiz Book

quiz-book-2014By Jacqueline Rayner

BBC Books, out 28 August

Everything you could think of asking about Doctor Who, especially if it concerns the Monoids, Arks and stories featuring Dodo…

We’ve had a few Doctor Who Quiz Books over the years – a quick perusal of the Doctor Who non-fiction collection on the shelf opposite and I can three titles by Nigel Robinson, and five linked to the new series, some boasting over 250 questions inside. Jac Rayner is entitled to look at these as mere bagatelles, barely deigning to scratch the surface of the worlds of Doctor Who.

Her giant opus contains three thousand questions and answers which cover everything from noted thespians of the seventeenth century to an ugly fat-faced bunch of wet snivelling traitors, merrily hoovering up references to every single story (and there’s even a special question about that fact itself). Just to make our lives easier – and, no doubt, her own considerably harder – Rayner has divided each group of 15 questions into three sets, each progressively more difficult than the last, and even the most ardent fan is likely to have a few problems with some of them…

The last section (“Next Time Trailer”) is likely to get you thinking most – they’re not quickfire questions and answers – and then Rayner really throws a spanner in the works with some questions that… No, buy the book to find out. Spoilers!

Verdict: A repository of arcane trivia that reminds us all that there’s 50 years of history bound up in the show that’s returning this weekend… 9/10

Paul Simpson

Click here to order Doctor Who: The Official Quiz Book from

Sci-Fi Bulletin will have three copies of The Official Quiz Book as competition prizes next week – watch out for it!


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