Review: Size Matters Not

Written by Warwick Davis
Aurum Press hardback
Release date Out now

“The Extraordinary Life & Career of Warwick Davis…”

Bearing in mind his lengthy career in the movie business, it is perhaps surprising to learn that Warwick Davis has only recently turned 40. But then Davis was just 11 when he was cast in Return of the Jedi (originally as a background Ewok and then as the iconic Wicket W Warrick after illness forced Kenny Baker to drop out). And he was still 17 when he landed his other most famous role, as the titular sorcerer of the hugely enjoyable 80s fantasy Willow.

Davis’s many years in the business provides plenty of material. As well as regaling us with tales about Jedi and Willow (sweaty bear costumes, acting tips from Val Kilmer, motherly affection from Carrie Fisher and Joanne Whalley), Davis gives an account of his many other roles. These include everything from his recurring roles in the Harry Potter movies (“The smoothest operation I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of”) to the much-loved/much-hated Leprechaun series. For the unforgettable Leprechaun in the Hood, Davis even received rapping lessons from Coolio and Ice-T – “Even today I get requests for ‘Leprechaun Rap’ at conventions,” he says with an air of incredulity.

Along the way Davis relates how his height has impacted on his life in a mostly positive way. “It has come to be one of my greatest assets,” he tells us, and goes on to explain how he was inspired to set up his own casting agency, Willow Management, to cater for short (and later very tall) actors. He also candidly talks about the traumas in his family life, and how he and his wife overcame their pain.

Though these personal tragedies are movingly described, the majority of Size Matters Not is resolutely light-hearted in tone, and it makes for an easy read. These kind of celebrity memoirs aren’t for everyone, but Warwick Davis has had a more fascinating life than most actors. James Skipp

An entertaining account of the actor’s unusual career.

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