Eve: Review: Series 1 Episode 9: Trashed

Eve 1.9Eve forgets about Zac… and rather too much else besides…

This week’s episode is a strong ensemble piece, with some movement forward for all of the characters – particularly Lily’s mum, who’s not been as strong a presence in the series as perhaps she might. Parents of teenagers will sympathise with her failed attempts to bond with her own offspring while finding it considerably easier to get on with others of the same age, and Shonagh Price pitches the look of relief and worry as she finally gets through to Lily just right (as does Eubha Akilade throughout).

Oliver Woollford has been one of the central planks of this series, showing how Will is ready to do whatever it takes to keep Eve out of trouble, and his scene with Poppy Lee Friar as he basically gets Eve to reboot showcase both actors. Friar is allowing Eve to demonstrate more and more emotions – particularly in this episode where Eve has “forgotten” that she’s a robot – but never letting them get too far. Rhona Croker also gives us a more restrained performance as Katherine, giving the scene between her and Friar an edge that overplaying it would have lost.

Abe also has a key part to play, even if at the end, it’s as the butt of the joke (and note the name of the computer that Nick gives him!). From the look of the throw-forward though, this may not have been the wisest move…

Verdict: A good blend of humour, drama and teen angst. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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