Lost Girl: Review: Series 2 Episode 8

Bo and Dyson go on the trail of a grave-robber while Hale and Kenzi do some babysitting…

If it wasn’t for the startling moment at the end of this episode where Bo suddenly reveals a side to her nature that we simply haven’t seen before, and we learn something about Lauren’s lost love (ie if it wasn’t for Act 4), this wouldn’t really be worth watching.

The main plotline is highly deriative, borrowing from The Portrait of Dorian Gray, and various Hammer horror type movies, and even shamelessly copying the end of Blade Runner to try to gain some sympathy for the departing villain. The B story, with Kenzi and Hale, gives the pair of sidekicks some screen time together, but frankly could be dropped from the episode and you wouldn’t notice.

Verdict: Unless some element turns out to have more value later in the season than first appears, you can cheerfully skip the first two-thirds of this.

“Death Didn’t Become Him”: 5/10

Paul Simpson


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