Agent Carter: Review: Series 2 Episode 3: Better Angels

Carter 2.3Driven by guilt, Peggy pursues leads at Isodyne despite being ordered to back off…

There are some nice throwforwards in this episode, as we see both sides of Howard Carter – the fun-loving playboy and the genius scientist – and even Jack Thompson gets a chance to show he’s not quite as dumb as he looks. (On past experience though, he’ll find a way to explain what he sees near the end of the episode in a way that doesn’t make Peggy right!) James D’Arcy makes Jarvis so much more than the stock character he could have easily been and his relationship with Peggy is one of the elements that makes this show work so well.

There’s also plenty of development for Wynn Everett’s Whitney Frost, with at least one plot twist that caught me by surprise (although in retrospect it put a lot of things together). Everett plays the manipulative femme fatale extremely well – it’s clear just how much Frost has her husband around her little finger, and you have to wonder just what he knows about her true nature… or at least her true nature before her life-changing encounter with Zero Matter.

The set piece fights are as well put together as ever this season, and I really hope we’re going to get a soundtrack album of the two seasons’ worth of material: some great music in the underscore.

Verdict: Peggy stays on top form. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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