Remember Me: Review: Episode 3

Remember Me 3Who will Isha target next to keep Tom with her?

Although it perhaps didn’t ever live up to the promise of the first episode, Remember Me continued to be a spooky tale that didn’t succumb to the temptation to provide a rational explanation – despite the best attempts of Mark Addy’s boss to do so. You did have to listen quite carefully to pick up all the clues that explained why Tom had so many copies of Scarborough Fair in his house (if you were looking for a mysterious final verse, then in those days you’d have no option but to buy copies of each version – no scrawling through Musicnotes or Google images!), although Isha’s motive was made a lot clearer than some comments that I’ve seen subsequently would suggest.

Whether or not the storyline worked, the whole serial was presented with a great deal of care, from the casting to the set design and the use of music – or rather, the lack of use of it. Much as I adore film and TV music, there’s a time and a place, and the production team knew the moments to pick to add to the creepiness. There was some gorgeous imagery – the final shot of Tom and Isha was a prime example – and plenty of attention to detail.

We’ve been deprived of good adult genre material for some time – and no, I don’t count the less child-friendly Doctor Who / Merlin / Atlantis as being adult – and hopefully Remember Me will pave the way for future such productions.

Verdict: An atmospheric treat for the December evenings concludes well. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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