Review: Cemetery Girl: Book Two: Inheritance

Cemetery Girl 2By Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden, art by Don Kramer

Jo Fletcher Books, out October 15

Calexa’s life is thrown upside down by a murder and her subsequent interaction with the dead person’s ghost…

Harris and Golden’s series continues with this highly enjoyable instalment, which may not add more to the supernatural side of the series – in that we don’t learn that Calexa has major new powers – but fleshes out the characters considerably, particularly the Cemetery Girl’s relationship with elderly widow, Lucinda. The two work together to try to solve the murder that Calexa witnesses, in the process bringing her to the attention of those who may wish her harm… The murder investigation may be the central focus of the story for the characters (although its resolution is a little disappointing), but for the reader the enjoyment comes from watching Calexa slowly learning to let her guard down and trust people more.

Don Kramer’s art once again adds a cinematic feel to the story: the action sequences are highly dynamic, and while there are plenty of moments in the dark, there’s never a loss of clarity in the storytelling.

Verdict: A thoroughly entertaining continuation of Calexa’s story – hopefully the next part will arrive soon! 8/10

Paul Simpson

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