Terra Nova: Review: Series 1 Ep 8

The Sixers call in the favour from Josh while Maddy becomes suspicious of one of her heroes.

This show definitely seems to have turned the corner, with an interesting (if moderately predictable) A story combined with movement on a number of the ongoing plotlines. The show isn’t structured in such a way that Maddy was ever going to be wrong in her suspicions, but her choice of confidante is unusual, and the resolution is based around something that you can see happening in the Shannon family.

Assuming that Josh’s contact with his girlfriend in the future was genuine (and if you look at the sequence carefully, there are grounds for suspecting that it wasn’t), then we learn a lot more about the Sixers’ abilities, and it’s worth watching Mira’s reaction when she realises that she’s asking Josh to steal from his mother. There’s a lot more to be revealed about the reason for the Sixers’ split from Terra Nova, and hopefully it won’t wait for a putative second season.

There’s some respectable dinosaur action as well, from Taylor and Shannon’s fishing trip to the former’s disposal of a pest within the jungle, which leads to an interesting offer made by the Terra Nova leader, setting up some further conflicts in the second half of the season.

Verdict: An enjoyable hour. 

Episode 8: “Proof”: 7/10

Paul Simpson


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