Eve: Review: Series 2 Episode 4: Party Girl

eve 2.4Eve is keen to become more involved with a youth group, not realising its underlying agenda…

Good movement on all the plotlines in this episode – interestingly the Calimov scenes are completely separate from the teen storyline – with one key character moment between Will and Eve that I really hope gets revisited (you’ll know the one when you see it, and it’s excellently played by Oliver Woollford and Poppy Lee Friar). I’m not totally convinced that Nick and Zac would be able to hack into the sort of data that Katherine needs – the production needs to be careful not to make Nick into a complete computer wizard, able to excel in every discipline!

There’s a great performance too from guest star Paksie Vernon as Laurie, who nails the creepy vibe of the oh-so-friendly cult leader who turns in an instant to anger when her beliefs are challenged. I’m hoping that we’ll see more of her – discovering why she joined an anti-tech crusade could be a key learning curve for Eve. It’s also good to see Elijah Ayite get something a little more serious to do as Abe than just be the comic relief.

One element of the show that’s receded rather into the background is the SF homages that were a key part of the first series. With the addition of Cain, and his burgeoning relationship with Lily, the programme is becoming more teen drama – not a bad thing in itself, but it does mark this season out from its predecessor.

Verdict: A solid progression of this season’s arc. 7/10

Paul Simpson

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