Review: Doctor Who: Big Finish Audio: C.C. 606: Beyond the Ultimate Adventure

The further adventures of the Sixth Doctor, Crystal and Jason…

Let’s be charitable, since it’s Christmas, and say that this is the Big Finish pantomime for the year (which to be fair, was probably at least part of the reason behind the timing of its release). Living up to its stage roots in The Ultimate Adventure, this is very much a case of Terrance Dicks’s Greatest Hits mixed together. Elements from The War Games, The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors (yes, a Raston bloody Warrior Robot turns up, and yes it gets exactly the same description as every other time it’s been seen – and has yet  to live up to!), State of Decay, Horror of Fang Rock and of course The Ultimate Adventure itself are present and correct.

Colin Baker, Noel Sullivan and Claire Huckle all do their best, but they’re really fighting against the script’s problems throughout, and frankly, we could have done with a few songs thrown in to improve things.

Verdict: Dig out – or buy – a copy of The One Doctor instead: this really doesn’t show Big Finish off at its best.  4/10

Paul Simpson

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