Star Trek: Review: Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive 1

Trek Apes 1Written by Scott and David Tipton

Art by Rachael Stott

A mysterious figure provides an Ape general with more sophisticated weapons, as Uhura and Sulu go undercover in a Klingon base to discover what the Federation’s enemies are up to…

This opener is very much an issue setting things up to explain how the two franchises can meet; those who have been complaining that the two timelines simply aren’t reconcilable will discover that the problem has been neatly sidestepped. (Indeed it’s been sidestepped in such a neat fashion that future crossovers with pretty much any other franchise are now possible.) It’s primarily set in the Star Trek universe, with Jim Kirk and his crew charged with a mission that truly will see them go where (pretty much) no man has gone before.

It’s hard to judge the crossover element of the story from this – I suspect Ape fans will feel rather cheated by it, to be honest, since the primates take a definite back seat – and I do wonder if it might have been better if a lot of the Enterprise plotline had simply been contained in a mission briefing from Admiral Komack. However, it’s early days yet, and we know that some key players from the Ape franchise are yet to appear.

Verdict: Almost too slow a start, but points for a simple solution to the crossover. 6/10

Paul Simpson



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