Psychoville: Review: Season 2 Ep 6

BBC Two, June 6 2011

As Grace’s plans come together, someone is looking for revenge…

The humour of necessity takes a back seat to the plot in this final episode, although there are still a few strong black moments. The extermination of the various series one characters throughout this season has meant that it was relatively easy to bring everyone together for the finale, as Mr Jelly delivers the head of Nurse Kenchington’s dead Nazi father, Dr Ehrlichmann, to the nanotech company keen to profit from the process that Kenchington and Jeremy created.

A little more predictable than might be expected – Finney’s fate, the way in which Grace incriminates herself, and David’s macabre ice bucket were all telegraphed – but the final deus ex machina comes from someone who’s been forgotten for most of this series. After the gibberish being spouted by Erlichmann and Peter Bishop, it’s most appropriate that it’s Robert’s psychotic girlfriend who destroys the Nazi.

Verdict: While it’s not quite ascended the heights of the first season – there’s nothing to compare with the inspired Rope homage, for example – Psychoville 2 has been an enjoyably surreal ride.  7/10

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Paul Simpson


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