Review: Doctor Who: Series 7 prequel: Pond Life

Some snippets of life in the Pond household over the past few months…

Previous web previews for the episodes have explained some of the backstory – showing the Doctor escaping from an alien ship, phone calls from Amy to the Doctor when he’s supposed to be looking for River Song etc. – so one has to wonder what relevance the five short snippets aired on consecutive days might have for the show.

Obviously the Doctor’s penchant for enjoying life continues, whether it’s rapping or creating pasta; and equally, the Ponds seem to be tiring a little of their friend’s eccentricities. And after the silliness of the first four instalments (an Ood hanging out the washing – come on!), the sombre tone of the final one comes as a bit of a shock. What exactly is going on with Rory and Amy (does a clip from a later episode shown in the BBC Breakfast report on the new series give a clue)? Why does Amy need the Doctor? Perhaps all will be revealed in Asylum of the Daleks.

Verdict: These will hopefully take on more significance once the final Pond adventures begin so catch them just in case.  6/10

Paul Simpson


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