Review: Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #4

Writer: Chris Roberson

Artist: Jeffrey Moy

IDW Publishing

The Enterprise crew and the Legion of Superheroes team combine their resources to try and find out what disrupted the time stream and brought about the reality they now find themselves trapped in. While Kirk leads one group to the Imperial Palace, Spock and Brainiac 5 lead another back in time.

In this issue the two teams get stuck into the mystery of where they are and how they came to be there. Splitting the characters into two groups but mixing up members of different teams provides a good opportunity to see these iconic characters from different universes working together and there is some entertaining dialogue as a result.

Again, I was put off by Roberson’s writing of Uhura. She gets very few lines in this issue although at least she does get to sit next to Sulu in the cockpit of the shuttle which implies some authority. However, during a firefight she is inexplicably carried away to safety by Chameleon Boy. All the other characters, women included, escape under their own power but not Uhura. She is carried. No explanation for this is given in the story and it struck me as utterly unnecessary.

Jeffrey Moy continues to do a nice job on the pencils and I particularly appreciated his design of the Imperial Palace. It’s very Third Reich and suits the totalitarian regime that rules in this parallel universe.


Bernice Watson


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