Review: Lockwood & Co. 3: The Hollow Boy

Lockwood 3By Jonathan Stroud

Corgi, out now

In the third book in this series following the ghost-busting detective agency Lockwood & Co., Lucy is still exploring her incredible psychic talents with the help of a malicious haunted skull and the ever-curious George, but their efforts are constantly interrupted by a shocking outbreak of ghosts that has the experts stumped. Spying an opportunity to make a name for themselves in a sea of larger, better-known agencies, Lockwood has them tearing across Chelsea in a desperate fight against the horrifying new wave of Visitors. But before they can earn their glory, they will have to face off against the worst a city with centuries of horrific deaths to its name can throw at them. It will take everything they’ve got just to survive…

Like the previous two books in the series, The Hollow Boy had me hooked from beginning to end, absorbed in a whirlwind of fear, excitement and raw, human emotion. Stroud’s unique blend of death-defying action and sharp wit shows through in not just the faultless writing, but also in his highly relatable characters and beautifully crafted world.

Hilarious, entertaining and at times truly terrifying, The Hollow Boy will chill you to the bone and have you seeing spectres in every shadow.

Verdict: Prepare for an emotional roller-coaster ride, the likes of which you’ve never felt before. 8/10

Sophie Simpson
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