Review: Primeval Series 3 Ep 8

When Abby’s brother goes through an anomaly to the future, the team have to fight for their lives…

A decision was obviously taken before this season of Primeval began that the show would expand its canvas considerably. After a trip back to medieval times last week, this time our intrepid bunch find themselves countless years in the future where some horrible spider-like creatures wage a battle with Future Predators over a landscape strewn with the detritus of the human race. Is this the fate that Helen Cutter killed her husband over?

With all the future scenes treated in post production to give them an otherworldly glare, this has an apocalyptic feel to it that the show has hinted at before but tended to avoid.

Abby’s brother is a bit of a weak link, and there’s a scene with Lester and Connor that feels like padding, but hopefully is going somewhere. The stunt team are kept busy and the set dressers definitely deserve credit for the weird landscape.

The trip to the future is also clearly setting up the end of the season, with the introduction of a new character and more revelations about Christine Johnson’s activities.

Verdict: Bleaker than we’ve seen recently, another strong instalment. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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