Terra Nova: Review: Series 1 Ep 10

The spy inside Terra Nova makes a mistake while Taylor and Mira are forced into an uneasy alliance…

The plotline with the two colony leaders is rather clichéd – prisoner becomes captive becomes ally – but it’s an excuse for a lot more of the backstory to be revealed. There’s a lovely piece of one-upmanship from Taylor that Mira easily crushes, and for once the “we could have been friends” line actually is credible – the actors work well together, and if the show gets a (now-deserved) second season, it would be interesting to see Terra Novans and Sixers working together under the combined leadership.

The hunt for the spy seems to play a card too early with its reveal of who it is who’s been betraying the colony, but the suspense continues to be drawn out – helped by the fact that no-one is going to want to believe the spy’s identity, even when the evidence becomes incontrovertible (in deference to UK viewers, who won’t see this until next week, discussion of how realistic a choice it is will wait until after episode 11).

The C plot – Zoe’s little dinosaur has grown up and has to be let into the wild – is annoyingly cutesy, and we really could have done without the final scenes.

Verdict: More mixed than the last few weeks, but still a leap beyond where the show began. 

Episode 10: “Now You See Me…” 7/10

Paul Simpson


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