Review: Primeval Novel 3: Extinction Event

By Dan Abnett

Titan Books, out now

Cutter, Connor and Abby are forcibly drafted in to assist with an anomaly in Siberia…

Once again the Primeval novels take the opportunity to expand the canvas of the series, this time taking Cutter and his team out to the wilds of Siberia in a story that co-creator Adrian Hodges admitted was one they’d have loved to do on the show. Eventually Extinction Event combines the 1908 meteor crash, the extinction of the dinosaurs and Helen Cutter’s feelings for her ex-husband into one very readable package.

As the first novel set during the third season of the show, there’s a changed dynamic following the death of Stephen at the end of the second year. There’s a new soldier in charge of the military side of the ARC, and from his appearance here, he’s going to be a valuable member of the team. Some of Stephen’s knowledge and abilities have rubbed off on the others too.

Dan Abnett captures the voices of the regular cast and it will be interesting to see if Jenny is as proactive this year as she comes across in this novel. Some other discoveries about the anomalies are taken for granted by the time this book is set, which are all the more intriguing for being casually mentioned.

A strong novel that bodes well for the show’s new year.  8/10

Paul Simpson

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